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Sri Lanka's Black Pepper

Around the world, pepper is one of the most popular spices and goes in almost every meal.
Once weighed out with gold, it has now become a spice for everyone and has moved into every spice shelf as a matter of course.
But once you taste and smell it more closely, you will find the variety of flavours. Once we have recognised the difference, the essential aroma will convince our sense of taste.
As a taste expert, you will feel the real pungency that only comes from fermented sun-drying.
The location of a pepper plant, determines the piperine content, which not only gives the black pepper its name, but also allows us to recognise the good and nutritional real pepper. A high piperine content improves the absorption of bioactive substances and thus enhances the bioavailability so that our body can find a benefit from the nutrition. This means that the nutrients already present in the body are activated and optimally metabolised.
A high quality spice needs the best possible climatic and soil conditions with organic nutrients so that its holistic effect can come into play.
Due to its particularly high piperine content, black pepper from Sri Lanka always occupies first place among all known pepper varieties and this is reviewed every year.
In Ayurvedic cooking and in Ayurvedic therapy, black pepper gets its flavour hot and is considered to lower Vata and Kapha. In naturopathy, black pepper is the quick first aid for an oncoming cold, fever and cough.
Pepper is one of the most powerful means to stimulate Agni (digestive fire) and thereby effectively break down Ama (undigested). Pepper has a deflating, draining and anti-inflammatory effect. Pepper regulates the water balance of the intestine and cleanses the intestinal walls. It also stimulates the flow of bile and thus helps to burn fat.
To top it off, pepper provides us with sattvic energy, which positively promotes our mindset.

The pepper vine wants to reach high.

The pepper ready for harvesting.

After washing, the pepper is sun dried.

The different degrees of drying of the pepper. Only the sun-dried black pepper from Sri Lanka shines with the highest pipirin content.