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Your entry and stay in Sri Lanka

Dear guests and travellers,

For your planned trip to Sri Lanka, there are no more entry restrictions since the beginning of 2022. Even the economic crisis, which began in spring 2022, has had no negative impact on us and on tourism in Sri Lanka since the beginning of 2023, following payments from the International Monetary Fund and other donor countries. The extreme inflation, which peaked at 87% a year ago, is now back to a normal level of around 6%. It is noticeable, however, that although the number of tourists is increasing again, many travellers from Europe still stay away from the country.
If you are concerned about security issues before planning a trip to Sri Lanka, we would like to assure you from first hand experience that Sri Lanka welcomes its guests with open arms and indescribable warmth. News of possible unrest or riots have long been a thing of the past.

A tourist visa is required for your entry into Sri Lanka. Please apply for the visa Here & Online The cost of the 30-day holiday visa is $50 plus a $2 credit card fee. No travel insurance or Corona vaccination certificates are required. Only an „Arrival Card“ has to be filled out. For your convenience, you can also fill it out Here & Online 3 days before departure. These are also available in paper form at the emigration desk and must then be presented together with your passports. If you are planning a round trip, just fill in the first accommodation and you are done. Now nothing stands in the way of your journey to us and through Sri Lanka.

We are looking forward to your arrival and send our warmest greetings from the wilderness,

Your Edna, Alli & the whole team