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Fair Travel I | Singharaja Garden AGRO & ECO-Lodge, Jungle Hotel, Sri Lanka
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Fair Travel I

Our ecological features

  • Our lodge consists of the main building including two guest rooms, two free-standing bungalows and another one is being planned. We then can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests at a time. This is so that you have the opportunity to create your very own private sphere in the expansive natural surroundings. This ensures that you have the necessary peace and relaxation without having any damaging effect on the surrounding flora and fauna.
  • Energy
    The lodge’s power is mainly supplied by its own 15 sqm photovoltaic island system. In combination with energy-saving modules and modern LED technology we can thereby cover about 80% of our electricity needs. If the system is not able to provide sufficient power due to the weather conditions, we obtain 100% green-hydropower electricity from the governmental power supplier. In order to only consume electricity when absolutely needed, we partially use time switches and sensors to manage the lighting system. In addition to conventional lighting, each bungalow comes equipped with candles as well as oil lamps outdoors; as evening approaches this creates a cosy atmosphere and also helps save electricity.
  • Water
    Our fresh water is obtained from a deep well and also serves as our drinking water. The water distribution and the water pressure are solely managed through natural gradient. Solar units on the roofs of the bungalows are used to heat the water for their sanitary installations. Despite the large water reserves offered by the rainforest we kindly ask you to not waste any water on purpose. Fresh water is a valuable and vital good in Sri Lanka, as only the mountain regions offer access to clean drinking water.
  • Wastewater
    Because we only have a small number of guests staying with us at any one time we do not have major wastewater problems. Nevertheless, it is important to clean the wastewater thoroughly or, better still, avoid it in the first place. In order to keep the pollution as low as possible we ask you to use biodegradable shower and washing lotions for your personal hygiene, when possible. A multi-chamber sewage plant with a biological trickling filter system cleans all the wastewater before it is used to irrigate the rice fields. The organic sewage sludge is used to fertilize our tea and cinnamon fields.

Corporate social responsibility in tourism

  • The following criteria were considered for the choice of materials used to build and furnish our ECO Lodge and also in our choice of employees:*
  • Almost 100% of the building materials for the construction of the Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge were purchased from small local businesses within a radius of 20 km. We paid a lot of attention to natural material. The tropical climate places high demands on all materials, which is why we also focused on using conventional means of processing. When choosing our timber we ensured that it was not so-called “black” timber, which still comes from illegal logging.
  • All the tradesmen involved in the building work come from the region. Carpenters, painters and craft projects from the region were involved in the interior fit-out. Bed linen is produced according to our specifi­cations. We used German manufacturers for our pillows, duvets and towels to ensure ecological compatibility or fair trading.
  • Employees
    There is a story behind every friendly face of our staff! We consciously selected people from our region and neighbourhood because we especially wanted to give them a new chance in life and offer them a training-on-the-job. In addition to fair wages, which are set 35% above the customary rate, we also pay a bonus for overtime, public holiday and Sunday work. Moreover, our employees can also take advantage of micro loans of up to 500€, which we provide them with interest-free for a period of 12 months.
    The personal development of our staff is very important to us. We therefore offer them the opportunity for a training-on-the-job during which they are always eager to learn English and to discover and develop their individual talents. We also promote their independence and their contribution of own ideas with monthly bonus payments. Since the launch of this program we were able to pay the bonus to all our employees. In the long term we are focussing on developing a local hotel and CSR management (Corporate Social Responsibility). For this reason, we are currently introducing another one of our employees to these tasks. As team leader he already assumes responsibility and grows into the role of the future manager.
  • Volunteer Program
    We offer a work placement for ecologically and socially interested volunteers. Detailed and always updated information is available in our download area (Guide for Volunteers).
  • Development Cooperation
    Ever since 2002 we are engaged in the development cooperation in Sri Lanka. That was even before the idea of the Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge was developed. In 2005 we started realizing various social and environmental projects with our association “New home Beruwala” through which we offer general assistance as well as support for house constructions and infrastructure projects. Further, we also realized the construction of a nursing home. Since 2014 we focus on education and are currently devoting ourselves to the development of our village school in Yattapatha.

Food & drink

  • Our lovingly cared for organic vegetable and fruit garden supplements our well-balanced meals. We would like to invite you to join us on a culinary voyage of discovery in our restaurant. Sample the many different healthy exotic meals; you may know some of them from Ayurvedic cuisine. We solely cook vegetarian meals but also offer vegan cuisine on request.
  • In case we need to obtain food externally from the market we put a lot of emphasis on regional and national products. We pay special attention to organic quality and thereby also support organic agriculture of mainly small farmers.