9. Cancellation of the agreement due to exceptional circumstances
If the booking is affected by exceptional circumstances that are not the responsibility of Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge (e.g. war, civil unrest, epidemics, etc), the customer and/or Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge may withdraw from the booking agreement. Only warnings issued by the respective foreign offices shall be accepted. Travel warnings that were issued before the booking was made shall not be considered. Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge shall be due suitable compensation for services that have already been provided or that are still to be provided. The customer shall be responsible for any additional costs of their return trip. All other mutual claims shall be excluded. Naturally, Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge will refund the booking price minus a € 50.00 processing fee.

10. Liability of Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge
10.1 Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge Ltd. shall be liable within the duty of care of a prudent businessman:
• for conscientious tour preparation
• for the correctness of the booking description
• for the proper provision of the contractually agreed services
10.2 Most tours organised by Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge are in remote areas and are thus associated with risks, such as road, ground and water conditions, traffic, medical care, weather, animals, reptiles, insects, etc. Please ask about potential risks before booking any of the tours or even before booking your holiday. You take part in all tours at your own risk.

11. Liability limitations.
The contractual liability of Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge for damage other than personal injury shall be limited within the scope of a limited company founded in Sri Lanka, assuming damage to the customer is not due to intent or gross negligence or to the extent that Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge is solely responsible for damage to a customer due to the fault of a service provider. Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge shall be responsible as a limited company for all tort claims against Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge that are not based on intent or gross negligence. This liability limitation is for each booking. Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge shall not be liable for disruptions in connection with services that are arranged only as third-party services (e.g. transport, visits to events, etc.) and which are expressly described as third-party services in the booking description.

12. Duty of cooperation
In case of disruptions to services customers shall do or refrain from doing everything reasonable to help rectify the disruption. Before making a booking please remember that the accommodation and tours offered by Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge require a certain amount of flexibility and team skills and that these are expected from you.

13. Preclusion of claims
Customers shall inform Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge immediately of any complaints. Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge Ltd. shall offer assistance in all cases where this is possible. If customers do not notify Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge of a defect, they shall have no claim to a reduction in costs.

14. Passport, visa, customs, health regulations
14.1 If Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge is able, we will inform customers of any important changes in the general regulations contained in the booking description before they begin their trip. We accept no liability for the information we provide. Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge shall also not be liable for the timely granting or receipt of the necessary visa from the respective diplomatic mission.
14.2 Customers are responsible for adherence to the passport, visa, customs, foreign currency and health regulations. They shall be responsible for any disadvantages arising from non-adherence to these regulations, even if these regulations are changed after the booking has been made.

15. Separate costs
Customers shall be responsible for all separate costs that arise as a result of or in connection with changes in the planned bookings by the customers during their holiday. These separate costs include, for example, expenses incurred due to a premature return home because of indisposition, sickness or accidents. If Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge acts in case of an acute emergency, customers shall repay the costs immediately on conclusion of their holiday.

16. Place of jurisdiction, miscellaneous
16.1 Legal action may be taken against Singharaja Garden ECO-Lodge only at its general place of jurisdiction in Sri Lanka.
16.2 If certain conditions of the booking agreement are or become void, this shall not affect the validity of the complete booking. When the online booking is made, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of travel.