Adventure Trekking In Sinharaja Rainforest

Trekking in the tropical rainforest — the thought alone conjures up images of adventure and expeditions. So that you are not disappointed, we have discovered old supply and transport routes in the jungle for you. We trek so that we can appreciate the scenery but the experience should also have a certain touch of adventure. Experience unusual insights into the flora and fauna of a protected and still intact eco-system. We always leave enough time for a swim.

Who is this suitable for?
All the tours on offer are aimed at people who enjoy observing and have an appreciation for nature. You need to be quite fit for the rough paths; you should also enjoy a challenge and be able to adjust to improvisation.

• Transfer
• Lunch package
• Tour guide

Length of the tours approx. 5 – 6 hours (without transfer)

• Minimum number: 2 (single person tour possible for an additional charge)
• Maximum number: 7

Food and equipment
For our trekking tours you need sturdy shoes, a backpack for your lunch package, drinking water and a bathing costume. We recommend that you always wear long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt or blouse and a hat in the jungle. We go barefoot into the temple and shoulders must be covered. The lunch package will be provided.

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